This is a drawing we made of our friend Root. He’s a wee burrow elf and he lives under the cobblestones just outside our house. Like Root, most burrow elves live under cobblestones and they’ve done so ever since people starting putting them absolutely everywhere. Cobbles are nice and smooth unlike the ‘wild rocks’ you find in the forests. No nasty sharp edges on which you could bump your head. When they find a loose one they will crawl underneath it and dig out a little hollow that they call home. They share these little abodes with all the local crawlies which will usually included a frog or two, some snails and a whole bunch of different bugs. They see these crawlies as part of their family and look after them really well…which is why you should never ever take a crawly away from its cobblestone.

Unfortunately this does happen from time to time. People will lift the cobbles, put the crawlies in a jar and take them home. We don’t know why they think a jar is a good place for a crawly to live but the crawlies sure don’t like it and neither do the burrow elves. If they suspect you took one of their crawlies they will sneak into your house and try to rescue them. If you are lucky they will find them and leave…but if they can’t find the crawlies in question they will play tricks on you day and night until they get their crawlies back.

At first it will just be little pranks. An older burrow elf might pull a preposterous faces and leave an imprint of it in the butter or maybe they’ll put some onions in your pillow case but the young ones like Root know about computers and smartyphones. They also like to pull faces but instead of leaving imprints it in butter they will email it to everyone on your computer and they know a trick that will make your phone do a call when you put it in your pocket. But if these pranks don’t do the job they will start to take things from your house and bury it under the cobbles. They are quite small so they can only take little things, but this doesn’t mean the big things in the house is safe. You see, most big things are made up of tiny bits and bobs…and tiny folk can take tiny things apart. So the big things might stay inside the house but they don’t work very well when all their little parts are hidden outside under the cobblestones. This will go on until everything single they can carry or take apart is under the cobblestones or until they find the crawlies…whichever come first.

People quite often blame the wee folk when things go missing or doesn’t want to work, and it’s true. Sometimes they are indeed the ones to blame…but all they want is for their crawlies to come home. And they will always put each and everything back exactly where they found it if you do the same with the crawlies.

Of course it does sometimes happen that a crawly gets trapped in your house without you even knowing, so if you can’t find your keys and you really looked everywhere they could possibly be, it might be a good idea to start looking for some crawlies instead. And if you do find a wee frog or a lost little bug carefully pick them up and put them outside by the cobblestones. Chances are you’ll find your keys a few minutes later right where you left them…



a wee poem to sing when you are afraid of the dark


Tho’ its shadows might crawl
the night will still fall
it will shatter and break into day
cause it has no way of knowing
just where it is going,
with no light to show it the way.

And it’s a curious sound
when it first hits the ground
quite often mistaken for song
For it can only be heard
by a wee little bird
who’ll be singing from that moment on.

Time to explore…

When everything you’ve seen today
is something you’ve seen before
it’s time to head a different way
it’s time to go explore…



Halloween with the Picsees: DRACULA!


Happy Halloween everyone! Wow…we can’t believe today is finally here…it’s Halloween and it’s Friday! Tricky Treats and the weekend all in one! yHay!

If you saw our other post earlier this week you will know all about our plans to dress up as scary old movie poster for this year’s Halloween! We found some very scary posters but we think this one might be the scariest one of them all…it’s of a movie called Dracula! We’ve not actually seen any of the movies cause we are wee ones and wee ones aren’t allowed to watch scary movies…but lucky for us my brother’s one friend’s friend said he once saw this movie so we knew exactly what it was about.
It’s all about someone called Dracula and he was never allowed to play outside in the sunshine with all the other boys and girls. Its cause he got sunburnt very quickly…it didn’t even help if he used a whole bottle of suntan lotion.
This meant he had to stay indoors every day. Unfortunately there were no toys or storybooks in their house so he learned about maths and numbers…he got so good with numbers they called him Mister Count! Of course everyone thought he would become a mathematician when he grew up but he had different ideas…his dream was to become a mosquito…and that is more or less what the movie is about ~:D

We needed a bit of help to make this costume. The wee village gnomes helped us to make a very snazzy suite cause like most good monsters mister count is a very snappy dresser. My brother’s friend Brambles the hobgoblin got to dress up as Mister Count cause he is already a bit scary looking (don’t tell him we said so)
Of course we also needed a mosquito so we went to see out friend Toggles the troll. He’s got a wee mosquito farm by the big puddle under the bridge. He liked our idea and said his best mosquito called Bella should be perfect for the job…and she was…until disaster struck! While we were making the poster Bella bit mister Brambles! We know that if a zombie bites you will also become a zombie so that means mister Brambles the hobgoblin will probably be turning into a mosquito just like the real mister Count!

We hope you like the picture we made…and we’ll let you know if mister Brambles become a mosquito but until then you must all have a happy Halloween and a most wonderful weekend

Oh…it you didn’t see our previous post you should go have a wee look just below this post on our page…it’s about mister Frankenstein!


Halloween with the Picsees: FRANKENSTEIN


We are so excited cause it’s almost Halloween again and that means it’s almost time for tricky treats and scary costumes! yHay!
This year we decide we’re going dress up as scary old movie posters…we’ve not seen most of the movies cause we‘re only little and little ones aren’t really allowed to watch scary movies…but that’s not a big problem cause we can just guess what the movies are about…like this one. It’s a movie called Frankenstein and from the poster picture we could see it’s obviously about a wee creature that sneaks up and give you static electric shocks on your ear when you are not looking. We know this cause the wee garden goblins that lives with us (we found them in the garden and they followed us home so now they are technically house goblins) does that all the time. When they put on their stripy socks and shuffle their feets very fast on the fluffy carpets then they get full of electrics and then when they touch you it goes Bazzzooot and there’s sparks everywhere and you have very sore ears!
my brother says it’s actually a story about a scienctist who makes a creature but he never teaches it to be a good creature….but while my brother was telling us this strange story one of the wee goblins called Merry gave him a big shock on his ear and now he agrees that the story is about a very naughty little electric monster. We decided cause of this Merry the goblin should be the one to dress up as the Frankenstein poster….and here he is! we hope you like it ~:)


A traditional Picsee sleeping-song.

in the mid-o-the night
the faeries take flight
on wings that they wove from the day.
and they’ll fly and they’ll leap
while you fall asleep
along brooks and over the brae.

for within this world
they have been foretold
is a magic so pure it’s agleam.
their legend is true
and it involves you
and the places you go when you dream.


Keecu The Gatekeeper.

You might have heard about faerydoors before and even though we ask you to keep it a secret we can confirm it’s true, they do exist. Actually…you might have opened quite a few yourselves and let a whole bunch of us faeryfolk in! All of us, the Picsees, the faeries, the Elves and Gnomes…even goblins and trolls…we all came here from the faeryworlds through one of these doors.

It works like this: There are many different worlds. In every world there is something magic that connects it with the faeryworld, and in every world that something is different. Every world also has a different name for it, but if you ask any wee faery they will tell you it’s called a faerydoor (my brother says the official scientific name is: Alternate Realm Thoroughfares). The interesting thing is that these faerydoors can only be opened from the outside…so basically it’s up to the beings of each world to find this special magic, unlock the doors, and let us wee folk in.

In this world, it’s a magic that’s been used for thousands and thousands of years. It’s a very special kind of magic called imagination and the doors opened with it are everywhere! You’ll find them all around! Chances are that there will be quite a few around you right now! Books are faerydoors and so are art pictures. Music instruments are very good ones and some of the biggest doors found in this world are known as theaters. But every door needs a key…and even though once unlocked, a faerydoor will remain open forever, it does need a key to unlock it that first time…but luckily they are also found all over! There are pencils and paintbrushes, guitar strings and drum skins, there are typewriter ribbons (although they can be quite messy) and keyboards, knitting needles and chisels, dancing shoes and clay…more than we could ever mention and new ones found every day…but you are probably wondering where does the wee gatekeepers fit into all this incredible and very informative (top-secret) information.

Well…people can only use a key for a while and then they need a new one. A pencil might become too short to hold or a guitar string might snap. They can no longer be used to create magical doorways to other worlds, but they still have some left-over magic in them…and this is very useful to the gatekeepers. They collect all these old keys and weave them together to form a new special key…one that can unlock a door from the faery side! However, these doors are very small…too small for even a teeny tiny faery to fit through…but luckily that’s not what they are for.
These wee doors are for people.
Of course people won’t fit through them either because people tend to be quite a bit bigger than most wee faeryfolk…but these doors are big enough to let a wee ray of light form the faeryside shine through, and that’s all that’s needed.

You see…sometimes people can struggle to unlock a new door…it’s not because they can’t do it…it’s just because they can’t find the keyhole. Most people call this creative block or fuzzybrains and it can be a very frustrating situation to be trapped in, but with a wee bit of help you can find your way out in flash… and that’s exactly what the gatekeepers do. They let a little bit of light from the faeryworld shine through these wee doors or keyholes so that people can find and unlock the world of imagination and create the most wonderful faerydoors (or A.R.T – Alternate Realm Thoroughfares) and let the magic (and of course us wee folk) in. We call them the gatekeepers but when people talk about them…they usually call them inspirations ~:D

We hope you like the picture we made. It’s of a wee gatekeeper called Keecu. He’s our good friend and he comes to visit us all the time and we save up all our old pencils and scrap paper for him to make his keys ~:D

Oh…Ps. Please think twice before you throw away any magic in the making… for instance: if you draw a picture and halfway though decide to rip it up and throw it in the bin it can still open doors…but it will open a broken door in the bottom of the rubbish bin…and this will let the imps and goblins in!


Picsee Tales Vol.1 – a wee free e-book

Picsee Tales Vol.1 - a wee free e-book

Hello everyone! We have been busy making a very special wee pressie for you…we collected all of our short stories & Picsee tales together and made a wee e-book so you can read them anytime you need an adventure…and best of all it’s for FREE! yHay ~:D We hope you like it very very much and if you do, don’t forget to tell your friends about it too ~:D

here is the click:


Laureletta the wee wild forest faery.


We have a new picture to show you, it’s a portrait of one of our best faery friends. Her name is Laureletta (but we call her Lu) and she’s one of the wee wild forest faeries that live in the woods near our house.

In the mornings she helps to look after all the baby bugs in the forest. She’s very good at it cause she can speak all the bug languages of the forest and she can do quite a good angry face too! This is important cause baby bugs can be quite naughty. Luckily she’s always extra friendly to us when we visit her…even when Eric comes along (in case you don’t know he’s a goblin and he’s always causing troubles). We even saw her giggle and grin a couple of time when he was making mischief!

In the afternoons she usually disappears and no one really knows where she goes but once or twice she invited us along for a wee while…one time she showed us where to see stars in the middle of the day and another time she took us to see where the crows keep all their gold and once she even took us to meet the Sage Queen! You never know what to expect…except of course that you will always be in very good company ~:D

We hope you like the picture we made of Laureletta the wee forest fae. Oh! And if you were wondering where you can see stars in the middle of the day…just go down to a babbling brook on a nice and sunny day, scan the water with a lazy gaze and slightly squinted eyes…almost exactly like she does in this picture…and like magic, the stars will come out.





This mug might just be the most useful mug ever made cause it will remind everyone that it’s best not to bother you while you are enjoying your lovely tea or coffee break…and if they do you will at least get a cookie or two ~:D

Here is the click if you want to go see: