This mug might just be the most useful mug ever made cause it will remind everyone that it’s best not to bother you while you are enjoying your lovely tea or coffee break…and if they do you will at least get a cookie or two ~:D

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Lindee-Mae the moon-time faerie.


Lindee-Mae the moon-time faerie.

Hello everyone…we would like you to meet our wee friend Lindee-Mae. She is one of the moon-time faeries that live in the wee woodlands near our house. The moon-time faeries do all the little jobs to get the forest and the woods and all the wee gardens ready for night time. For instance, Lindee-mae’s job is to collect all the wee bits of left-over sunlight at dusk before it gets dark. She then keeps it safe until dawn so that it can be used as wee shimmers and glimmers on the dew drops the next morning ~:D

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A Runnerbean and a Snifflehog…


A Runnerbean and a Snifflehog…

We made this picture to show you some of the new freinds we met…this is a Runnerbean and his pet snifflehog.
Runnerbeans are wee wild forest picsees and as you could probably guess they got their names cause they look a bit like a butterbean and they can run very very fast and very very far. Cause of all this running about they know every single inch of the forests in which they live and with the help of a snifflehog they can find absolutely anything…whether it already exists or not.
So…next time you are in the forest and you are looking for some nice berries or a long lost legendary treasure…or maybe you are just looking for a wee bit of inspiration, you should just find a runnerbean and they will help you to find what you need. Basically…they are like google for the forest ~:D