Part one – a part with sticky little toes & a tick tock clock.Image 

Once upon a long long time ago is where all good stories start, but when it’s a story about a time machine you can start it at any time you want! So to make this story extra good we will start it a whole week before once upon a time…so…Just the other day, a whole week before once upon a time we were playing a game of hide & sneak…

It was Eric’s turn to be ‘it’ and when Eric is ‘it’ it’s a problem. When you are ‘it’ you have to close your eyes and count to ten while everyone else goes and hides. Eric is an expert at this part of the game. He’s so good he can sometimes even count to ten using only 6 or 7 numbers…it’s the next part of the game that’s a problem. The part where he has to sneak around and look for everyone that’s hiding cause if he sees anything that he finds just a little bit interesting (and that is almost everything) he’s going to stop looking for you and play with his new found treasure instead.
This means that if we are still hiding after ten minutes we are probably going to be hiding all day so we have to come out of our hiding spots and we all end up looking for him…and this is not even the worst part. The worst part is when we find him, cause as soon as he sees us he jumps up with a big grin on his face singing ‘found them! Eric wins! Found them! Eric wins!’

We are never quite sure if he does this cause he is very easily distracted or cause he’s very very sneaky!

Lucky for us it’s usually very easy to find him. There’s always a trail of sweetie wrappers, cookies crumbs or something sweet that follows him wherever he goes…and today was extra easy! It seems that he found an open jam jar along the way so we just had to follow the sticky footprints…and they took us all the way to the big cupboard in the hallway…

We’ve never seen inside this cupboard…not even a little peek. We aren’t allowed to go near it and also it’s always locked so it’s impossible to get in, we’ve tried everything….but not today. Today someone left it open so we peaked inside and we could not believe what we saw…it was the biggest mess in the whole world! If our cupboard ever looked like this we would be in troubles for ten million years. It was like a crazy maze of boxes and machines and buckets and mops from the bottom all the way up to the very top of the cupboard.
If it wasn’t for the sticky footprints we would never ever find Eric in there but lucky for us they went straight to a wee little wooden box in the corner. It was a mysterious box. It was covered in fancy letters and sticky fingerprints.
The letters were very old and faded so we could not read what they said but the fingerprints were brand new and Eric shaped. This didn’t explain the mystery of the box but it was a very important clue as to where Eric was. The other clue was the footprints that stopped in front of the box. Any detective that is worth some salt would agree that this is conclusive proof that Eric is definitely inside the box…

We sneaked up to it, counted one two three and flipped open the lid but instead of Eric there was just an old tick tock clock inside. We could not believe our eyes…someone turned Eric into a clock! We thought about this for a while and realised that that is actually impossible. Eric has never ever been on time, a clock would be the last thing in the world he would turn into, there had to be another explanation and when you think about it logically the explanation is quite obvious. It’s not a box with a clock and a missing Eric inside…it’s a time machine! Eric is probably making troubles in another time…and we have to go get him!

– – – ——————- end of part one ——————- – – –


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