Yo-Ho-Ho and a packet of gum!

When you find a pirate map in your living room you know its probably going to be a very good day! We did make the map ourselves but it was a very very long time ago, so long ago we couldn’t even remember what the treasure was, but we were going to find out! So without wasting a moment we went to draw some eye patches on for all of us cause as you know it is very important when you are looking for treasure! Next, we followed the map step by step around the house finding clues in every room. A clue in the study and in the kitchen too, a clue in the hallway and even in the loo! It all went really well until we got to our room where the final clue should be…but the clue was missing! We checked and checked again, looking exactly where the map said. We even read the map upside down to see if that helps…but there was nothing! And then we realised what happened…the clue got lost because we had to tidy our room last week! It was now probably neatly packed away in a cupboard or a drawer somewhere that we would never even find in over three million years!

All hope was lost! The hunt was over! The pirate ship has sailed!

We decided the only thing to do is to go watch some telly but on the way my brother shouted something crazy about scallywags and shivering timbers and ran back to our room, returning seconds later with the mysterious missing clue! He remembered that whenever we clean our room we just hide everything under the bed so it was very easy to find! With all the clues on board we checked the map once more and it said that when we found all the clues we should set sail to the park cause thar the treasure shall be…but with one quick stop on the way.

This was to go find our friends the dogs, Mister Barkus, mister Growley and mister Woofler a real motley crue! It was real smart of us to put this in the map cause we need their help to dig up the treasure and also its so much fun when they give us doggy back rides to the park! We found them just down the road and they said they will help us if we gave them each a cookie when we get back, its expensive but always worth it ~:) We got to the park in no time and followed all the clues till we found the place where eggs marks the spot and we started to dig, this was also when we remembered what the treasure was……what happened was we were in the park one day reading our new book about pirates and how they buried treasure everywhere and made all these cool maps and we decided that is what we wanted to do!…but the only treasure we had with us that day was our brand new pirate book…and probably we shouldn’t have buried it.

We did find it again but it is no longer our favriout book about pirates, instead it’s a book all about mud!

Luckily we learned two important things. Just because a story book is like a treasure chest filled with priceless gems it doesn’t mean you should bury it in the park for a treasure hunt and then most importantly if you want to be a good pirate you should never ever clean your room!


The wee story of the blue Picsees

Yesterday when we woke up the sky was all grey and grumpy so we could not go outside to play, but lucky for us we are quite smart and we made a plan…
We went to get our paints and painted our faces the brightest blue we could find! I did spirals on my face, Liloo had squiggles, my brother made ziggyzags and Mika was blue all over cause he was being silly and then he fell into the paint pot! 
Then with our blue faces and blue Mika we went to sit by the window so that the sky can see what colour he is suppose to be and all the while we were saying pleasepleaseplease…and then, after almost too long, the sky slowly became bluer and bluerer…like magic!
We were so happy we ran straight to the park but on the way there, at the roundabout we met the goblins and cause we had blue paint on our face they thought we were all warriors and said we must play battle battle! And we did, but they won…but don’t worry we are all ok! It was just a play play battle and we think we only lost cause the gobbos cheated!
We still invited them with to come play in the park and we had so much fun until we started jumping around like the crazy beans…the sky misunderstood cause our faces was still blue and started jumping too, which made it rain real hard and we all had to run home very very fast!
The moral of the story is that you should always keep an eye on Mika if you don’t want blue footprints all over the floor!