The Picsees in London City.

Our big holiday adventure started in Brighton by the sea and next we went to London City!We only went for 2 days and most of the time we were visiting our very good friends but on the one day we had a bit of extra time to go look around…so we did! First we wanted to go see the museum of Mister Salvador Dali cause we heard that there is a telephone that he made with a lobster and we think it is such a good idea cause if you make a telephone with a seashell all you will hear is the sound of the ocean but if you use a lobster he can tell you everything that goes on under the water! But then when we got there it was gone, not just the phone, the whole museum…they closed it ~:(

We were a bit sad but then we decide it’s ok cause now we get to go play on the hundreds and thousands of bridges….there was London bridge and then the Millennium Bridge and the Tower bridge and then Westminster Bridge and then…and then we were lost! We got so scared cause the city is very big and it was getting dark but then we were so lucky, we met the monsters of London city! We love them so much! They are so polite and helpful and also they are really snappy dressers. They gave us nice crunchy croutons and told us all about their city. We didn’t listen to everything cause one of the things they said is that there is lots of circuses and after that we just begged them to take us there! Please! Please! Please!…But it’s not the same as the circuses we know, is just a street and the clowns aren’t funny, actually they are a bit scary.

After the circus they helped us to get back home safe with sounds and to say thanks we promised them we will make art pictures of all of them, we will show you soon!


The Picsees in Brighton.

First for our big adventure holiday we went to see Brighton by the sea!
We went on the giant aeroplane, it was a bit scary but Mika showed us how to hide in the bags and then it was ok and 1 2 3 we were in Brighton!
There we got to play on the beach all day and we could even play in the waves!
The only thing is that it’s very difficult to make the sandcastles cause the whole beach is just pebbles…we think maybe that is why people say Brighton rocks, oh but best is in the evening when the sun goes to bed we met the Brighton sea Picsees! They live in the water in the daytime but at night they come out to play! We made such good friends with the one that she came back home with us! Her name is Liloo Lumins and she is lovely and so cool cause she can turn her foots into a fish fin! We will put a picture of her really soon!

Also one day we went to this big fancy palace, is called the royal pavilions and it was built by the king George number four but only before he was king..and there was lots of people doing boring tour things but while they were walking we played in the big dining rooms and met one of the dining room dragons called Ash, he is still little but he is very very good at his job of protecting the food and eating the leftovers! There are many dragons there but the older dragons are sleeping for years so we didnt meet them. Ash didn’t come with us, cause he is still on guard duty so if you are ever in Brighton you must go visit him and say we say hi ~:)
We loved Brighton lots and hope to go again real soon!